dell - Data Domain DD3300

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  • Simple 2U appliance with a modem intuitive Ul through Data Protection software
  • Comprehensive data protection with leading deduplication and reliability
  • Support for VILover Fibre Channel
  • Licenses for DD Boost, DD Encryption & DD Replicator included in list price
  • Wide coverage of both enterprise and homegrown applications
  • Cloud ready with support for DD Cloud Ter & DD Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-Site Scalability with network efficient replication for ROBO use cases
  • Protects investment with the Future Proof Loyalty Program support agreement required


  • Data Domain Operating System
  • Drive Type : SAS
  • Max logical Capacity with Deduplication : 4.8 PB with DD Cloud Tier
  • Max Throughput : 7.0 TB/hr
  • Max Usable Capacity : 96 TB/hr

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