nbs tech - Advantage M20

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  • 100-card hopper for automatic card feeding
  • 120 character embossing wheel
  • Dual (front & rear) indent available
  • High/low coercivity magnetic stripe encoding
  • Contact and contactless smart card personalization or both


  • Embossing method:                   
    120 characters stainless steel daisy wheel embosser, easy installation of new types 
    Rear indenting, easy cartridge replacement 
    Front indent (optional)
  • Card encoding options:              
    Magnetic stripe encoder, high/low coercivity 
    ISO 7816 smart card personalization [EMV compliant] (optional) 
    ISO 14443 contactless card personalization (optional) 
    Triple DES encryption
  • Embossing speed:
    1 card in 30 seconds (excluding chip personalization)


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