diebold nixdorf - BEAM Slim CDM

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  • Convenient: Mixed denomination banknotes handling
  • Fast: Latest technology applied in deposit system
  • Efficient: Real time updated direct depositing software
  • User Friendly: GUI interface with touch screen display
  • Safe: According to JIS 3; UL/ CEN Compatible
  • Integrated: All info are gathered into Cloud
  • Interface Protocol: SOAP over HTTP(S), easy to integrate
  • Unlimited Connection: Connect as many units as desired
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server


  • Model: BEAM Slim
  • Processor: Intel 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 500 GB SSD
  • System Software: Windows 10
  • Receipt Printer: 40 Column Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Message Format: ISO-8583/higher or json or XML, or any format as required by the bank
  • Speed: 600 notes per minute
  • Bunch deposit: 500 Notes, continuous Feeding capacity
  • Reject Capacity: 50 notes
  • Escrow: 100 notes
  • Note Recognition: Recognize All Nepali Notes, all series, all Emission (NPR 5,10,20,50,100,500 & 1000)
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition):  Yes
  • Serial Number of Notes: Can Recognize Serial Number of All Notes in Nepali and English character; Records Serial number in log, OCR Capability
  • Counterfeit detection of banknotes: Counterfeit note refuse
  • Banknote validation technology: High level IR, 3D, UV, Magnetic sensors, GND Technology Hardware
  • Optimized transit path and algorithm ensure ultra-low jam rate: Negligible jam rate less than 0.05%. Jam rate varies on note standard and NRB Fitness Guidelines
  • Safe Lock: JIS3 standard Vault. UL 291 Compatible with digital combination or Digital combination + OTP
  • Storage Type: Canvas Safe bag with tamperproof sealing and Barcode for traceability; One more extra Cash bag for thereplenish purpose
  • Bank note Storage Capacity: 10000-12000 Note storage capacity (Depending on note quality)
  • Screen: 10" Multi-touch Screen
  • QR-Code Reader: 2D bar code/ QR Code reader available
  • Middleware for CDM and Core Banking: Available, Will develop with banks logo and corporate color
  • Bank user Dashboard / GUI: Available, Will develop with banks logo and corporate color
  • OTP Generation and Verification: Available
  • Integration: Integration with all known CBS system
  • Application: As per bank requirement with banks logo and corporate color

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